Uncertainties and expectations surrounding labor market and self-employment legislation after summer in The Hague

The choice of self-employment over a traditional salaried job is on the rise. However, besides many advantages, such as freedom and flexibility, there are also less attractive sides of entrepreneurship, such as administration and acquisition. In an interview with the AD, Sjanne Marie van den Groenendaal, researcher at Tilburg University and self-employed expert, advises to outsource tasks in which you are not strong or to enlist help. At Inhuurdesk, we can help you with this!

As a self-employed person, you have enough on your plate: often fun assignments, but also tasks you'd rather put off. Tasks such as collecting invoices, arranging insurance and other administrative matters often remain on your to-do list. Something you really have to take care of eventually. With our Professionals services we take these worries out of your hands and offer the following solutions:

  • Prompt payment of invoices through ENTRPNR

No more dependence on payment terms and your client's payment behavior. With Advanced, your invoices are paid 14 days after receipt. And the convenient thing is that you can always check the status of your invoice online. Do you want to be paid even faster? Then choose Complete, where payment is made within 10 days.

  • Comprehensive insurance through Alicia

Carefree self-employment means having your risks properly covered. With Advanced you are comprehensively insured for business and professional liability, cyber risks and accidents. With Complete, you can even take advantage of disability coverage.

  • Get smarter every day with our learning & development tools

This includes unlimited online learning subscriptions to the Select Academy, discounts on training and advice from a job coach (Excellent).

  • Personal contact and advice

A dedicated relationship manager is on hand to answer all your questions and offer advice on things like your resume, what rate is best to offer for an assignment and other tips for presenting yourself successfully.

Why our services?
We offer an all-in-one solution for all the practical matters you want taken care of as a self-employed person. Our services include carefully selected products offered by leading partners. Payment is per hour worked, so there are only costs if you generate income. For more information on all the benefits of the Professionals services, visit the Inhuurdesk