Challenging assignments brought together

Inhuurdesk brings a breath of fresh air to the world of recruitment. On this platform supply and demand come together in an accessible way and there is room for a very broad market. This directly ensures equal opportunities for all players in the market. Both for clients and for you as a freelancer or supplier of professionals.

A fair chance

When searching for your assignment, it is essential that the process be fair and transparent. That's exactly what we, at Staffing MS, believe in. We want you to have access to a wide range of opportunities and to do so in a fair and clear manner.

Our sourcing processes are supported by specific tools inspired by the idea of a marketplace. This means you get access to all assignments, without hidden agendas. This means your talent gets noticed by a wide range of potential employers, giving you more opportunities to find the right match for your next career move.

No red tape

Once you have been selected as the perfect professional, we at Staffing MS stay by your side to support you through the contractual processing and administration of your new assignment. We want this process to run as smoothly as possible so you can focus on successfully completing your assignment.

About Inhuurdesk

Inhuurdesk is a platform of Staffing MS. Staffing MS is the specialist in managing and controlling the flexible shell and specifically external hiring. As a neutral managed service provider, we support the implementation of the entire hiring process. We use marketplace, contract management and community solutions. Staffing MS works for government, healthcare, profit and non-profit.