Evolution of Total Talent Management: The Tenth Edition of the Talent Monitor

Step by step, permanent and flexible labor data are moving toward each other. This process is not without challenges, because in many cases they can be compared like oranges and tangerines: they have similarities, taste somewhat the same, yet are distinctly different. Compare it to a minneola, a cross between the two fruits. When we look at data, talent intelligence and dashboards for both permanent and flex, we see a convergence taking place.

It goes beyond simply integrating two different data points into one dashboard. Meanwhile, they are unified in the same view and therefore have become comparable. Although there are still nuances to this comparison and they are not completely interchangeable, it still represents significant progress. We are moving from the theoretical concepts of Total Talent Management to a practical model.

We now present the tenth edition of the Talent Monitor. So far, this has been a long journey through the worlds of both permanent and flexible employment in the labor market, uncovering secrets. Some findings were obvious, such as the fact that the flexible labor market tends to be less tight than the market for permanent jobs, and that the duration of assignments tends to be shorter than the duration of regular employment contracts - although this difference is getting smaller. However, surprising insights have also been demonstrated, such as:

  • The relationship between the development of rates, inflation and the time period of matchmaking; rates increase at the beginning of the year, but barely at the halfway point or at renewal.
  • Competition between independent professionals and staffing agencies.
  • The correlation between scarcity and labor market activity.
  • Self-employed professionals place less value on the flexibility of clients because they are already fundamentally flexible and therefore take charge themselves.

In this Talent Monitor, we once again unravel data and continue to surprise with new insights. We take a unique step by comparing rates for permanent and flexible staff, across different target groups. For example, which hired professionals are significantly more expensive than their permanent colleagues, and which are not? This is an important development towards a full-fledged data model for Total Talent Management.

Curious about all the results? Download this edition of the Talent Monitor here.

About the Talent Monitor
Intelligence Group and HeadFirst Group, of which Inhuurdesk is a part, present unique quarterly insights based on recruitment and labor market data from Intelligence Group, combined with hiring data from HeadFirst Group. Both data sources are stored in a structured way, in accordance with the ISCO standard.